Monday, November 2, 2009

Some New Pictures!

We are so lucky that Lori takes such great pictures and has such great prices! We just got these today so I thought I'd post them before I put it off another 3 months.
We've been busy the past month moving and getting settled in our new place, my Grandparents basement. We've been doing a lot of fixing up and it's been fun to make little improvements here and there. We still have a few things on the list, but mostly we are moved in, organized, and settled.
Dane started Kindergarten the end of August and loves it. He catches the bus every morning and I pick him up at 2. He's a great little student and takes his school work very seriously. He was a dinosaur for Halloween, he's a little obsessed with dinosaurs lately.
Ty is in Preschool and loves it. He was a tiger for Halloween and it fit his little personality perfectly. He's a little wrestler and loves animals like crazy. We are watching Richard and Lori's dog while they are in Japan and Ty is in heaven. He plays with her outside in the cold everyday for as long as I will let him.
Lee has been busy working in Anchorage and has been sick a lot. Finally we got him into the doctor and he has a sinus infection, no fun.
I have been just doing regular mom things and working on basement projects. For those of you who haven't heard, we're expecting number 3 on 3-3. That's our 3rd baby on March 3rd. We didn't find out what it is, so be ready for the surprise!