Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Monday, December 3, 2007

Just Getting Started!

Well, we did it, started a family blog! I'm hoping this will be a good way to keep everyone posted about what's going on in our lives. As well as keep pictures available for everyone who wants to watch our kids grow up, especially those of you who aren't close by.

Our family consists of Lee, Amy, Dane, and Ty Harmon. We live in Nibley, Utah and love it. Dane is 3, almost 4 and is a very smart little kid, sometimes too smart for his own good. He loves trains more than anything, but is happy playing with any toy or any friend. He loves watching Franklin the Turtle and he loves helping in the kitchen. Ty is 18 months and is a very cute little guy. He's learning to talk more everyday and gets very upset when Dane bugs him. For a long time he just say back and took what Dane dished out, but not anymore. He gets really upset now and will just run after Dane and start beating him. Last week they got in a little fight and both came out crying. Dane insisted that Ty bit him, and sure enough the next day Dane had little teeth mark bruises on his arm.
Though they fight, most of the time they get along really well and just love each other. I really like having two boys, it's been fun to watch them grow and learn more and more all the time.

The other day Dane was putting on some sanitizer and said to me, "I just need to put some appetizer on." It was pretty funny, I don't even know how he knows the word appetizer.