Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spring in Alaska

Our Buddy Bryce is a huge fan of large fires.

Dane and Ty were a bunch of Goobers and loved the camping like crazy. Dane rode his bike around like a mad man. He is so daring and surprisingly good on that bike.

We had the trusty ol Trooper out for the weekend. It is sure nice to load camping gear up for the weekend and not be completely stuffed in a car, we actually have room for the gear and the kids.

Amy and her babies hanging out with Tara and here cute little one. It was kind of nice to hang around the camp fire and not worry about anything at all for a while.

Ty and Dane go nuts when its time to get into the sleeping bags. They get a crazy burst of energy and just go wild in the little tent and it takes a while to get them in their bags. That night the boys slept pretty good until Amy got so cold that she pulled Ty out of his bag and used him as a heater in her sleeping bag,... poor kid!