Friday, March 28, 2008

Family Fishing Trip

Most folks think we are nuts, but on a good warm day, ice fishing can be incredibly fun. This winter Dane and Lee were able to go fishing together a couple of times and had a lot of fun. One Saturday morning we all decided to go on a family fishing outing on the "hard water" as they call it.

We tried to head out early, but with both of the kids and all the gear it took longer than we had hoped, but it made for a nice warm day as we made it to the lake about lunch time. It was a beautiful and sunny day with nearly no one else on the lake, we had it mostly to ourselves. Amy and the boys were able to build snowmen together and have lots of fun.

We even caught a fair amount of fish. Ty, who is usually in love with all animals freaked out when he saw the fish, and was basically scarred to death of them. Dane thinks they are pretty cool and loves to reel the big fish up all by himself. He is pretty good with the two foot long ice poles we use, I thought he was going to lose the pole a few times, but he did good and had a lot of fun. We drilled a few holes around the ice and had to watch the littlest monster, so he did not get too close.

Amy had packed lunch, tons of snacks and we even had hot chocolate that was oh so good right out of the thermos. After lunch and a couple hours of fishing, Ty had about enough of his waddling around. He is such a tiny, little dude that he is overwhelmed by his snow clothes and is quite funny to watch walk around on the ice. Both boys did great and it was super fun to get out and have a little winter adventure with the entire family. We plan on getting an ice hut next year and going a lot more.