Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ice Fishing!

Winter in Alaska is beautiful and this year we've found our family's favorite way of enjoying the outdoors is to go ice fishing. Lee is crazy about fishing, he will go anywhere, anytime. It doesn't really matter to him if he catches anything, he just likes getting out. In mid-December he had knee surgery, which eliminated a lot of other winter activities like snowboarding, hiking, sledding, etc. Being hugely pregnant, I can't do any of those either, so for this winter it's ice fishing every week!

Dane and Ty love it. Mostly they just play in the snow, but they have both caught fish completely on their own.

We've tried a lot of different lakes; Finger, Irene, Long Lake, Seventeen Mile, Echo, Kepler, and Lake Louise.
After Thanksgiving we loaded up and headed to the cabin at Lake Louise. We got up there in the dark, which was pretty scary, but lucky for us the moon was out and we didn't even need to break out the GPS to find the cabin.

The boys in the hut. Dane and Ty don't even stay in the hut, they spend all their time rolling around in the snow outside.