Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The other day I turned on my camera to show Lee some pictures I had recently taken. When I started flipping through the pictures there were a lot that I didn't recognize, watch the slideshow and you'll soon figure out, as I did, exactly what happened.Oh, and the disclaimer, Lori and I were upstairs helping Rachel and friends make corsages for prom. These kids were happily playing downstairs!
Sad to say, these pictures are better than half of the ones I take, Lee will agree.

Amazing Pictures!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Winter Fun

We had a lot of fun on Saturday! Lee was home for just 1 day so we packed it full of adventures. Lee went up to Hatchers Pass, a mountain pass up the road, and snowboarded with our friend Ryan. Lee just got his snowboard so it was the first run on it. He came home beaming, he had so much fun. Some friends hauled them up a mountain on snowmachines and they boarded down.

After they got down we loaded up and went ice fishing at Echo lake. Dane and Ty, especially Ty have been talking about ice fishing all winter and we finally broke down and got an auger so we could go. It was great fun. The boys loved it and even made little snow jails to keep the dead fish in. Dane was loving being outside and even though his cheeks were red as apples, insisted that he was not cold. Then he accidentally scooped ice out of a hole with his glove. We had to take his glove off because it was completely soaked. We put his hand in an extra glove liner with a hat over it. Soon, he had both off and was just playing away. We finally had to call it quits after it started getting colder and snowing on us. Dane would have stayed out all day if we had let him. Oh, and we did catch fish, there are just no pictures of us with fish cause our battery died.

These pictures aren't of the weekend, but of Lee's second home in Ketchican. He flies there every Monday morning, works for the week and then comes home Friday night. It's been hard having him gone so much, but he's working really hard and is seeing a different part of Alaska. His hotel is right on a pier and he even has clients come to see him in their boats. They just tie up to the dock. He's been loving the fresh Alaskan seafood and makes me jealous each night when he tells me what he got to eat, especially the king crab. Dane and Ty are the ones that make sure we have fun things planned for the weekends when he's home. We already have next Saturday all figured out.
I also should mention, Dane had his birthday last month, 5 already! I haven't posted for a while obviously, but he did have fun, it was a "CARS" birthday, lots of little friends, and lots of fun. I took a year off of making a character cake because the kitchen at my mom's house where we're staying was torn out for a remodel. Dane was sad at first, but didn't care after he tasted the rainbow chip frosting!