Monday, May 5, 2008

The Hog e Z o

The Hog e Z o was what the sign read upon entering the parking lot. Those of you familiar with Salt Lake area can gather that we went to Hogle Zoo. We spent two days down in SLC with Grandpa and Grandma Kenley. They were able to visit us for a few days here in Utah and Amy planned a few activities that none of us had really done before to shake things up a tad. We went to the Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point the first day and while we were there we watched a 3D dinosaur movie that Ty was not a big fan of, but it was quite funny at first when he was trying to grab the pictures in front of him. Dane thought the Dinosaurs were awesome and was quite loud about sharing it with everyone, (he does have Oberg in him).

That night we stayed at a hotel near downtown Salt Lake, and having Keith's little woman with him made all of us boys sleep in one room and the ladies in the other. It was quite some time before I could fall asleep due to the crazy loud snoring of Dad on the floor, (I don't know why he slept on the floor for half the night). Anyway, at one point I chucked a pillow over in Dad's direction and evidently hit Keith who wasn't asleep either. It rustled Dad enough for him to stop snoring long enough for me to fall asleep, however not too long after I fell asleep did I get a pillow right in the face, so for the rest of the night it was basically a snoring battle between myself and Dad, with Keith and Calvin not getting any sleep. The morning was quite funny in who was trying to blame who, but definitely not the best night of sleep I have ever had.

The next day we went to Hogle Zoo and spent almost the entire day walking back and forth, keeping track of the boys and seeing all kinds of animals. Dane and Ty had a lot of fun and it was great for them to hang out with their Grandpa and Grandma Kenley. All of us rode the little train that goes around a small part of the Zoo and nobody was more excited about that than Dane of course. He even sat in the front seat next to the trains engineer with Calvin.

Calvin was excited as Dane and Ty about the animals and all of the fun stuff he was able to do. He was running from place to place and was super excited, though his face in this picture doesn't show it and is in fact kind of ugly.