Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A HoStle BloG TaKoveR

Ty got into my hair goop, (globs allover his head), so I punked it out and he has been obsessed with the glasses, and of course is a stud anyway.

Well, I guess this family blog is going to have to be taken over, because Amy is horrible at it. I have got my other blog that I have posted quite a lot to lately, the link on the top-right will take you right to it. It is filled mostly with experiences that I have of different things that are adventure based and things I do that my boys aren't quite able to yet. I guess this family blog will be where I start to write of those adventures, because this spring already we have done quite a few activities together and plan on doing a whole lot more this summer. I am actually really excited about this summer, because both Dane and Ty are a bit older and a bit more able to get out and do things with Amy and I. Last summer Dane, Ty and myself hiked to the wind caves here in Logan canyon, which I did write about in my blog, it can be found under the adventures link called, "Wind Caves Deluxe", there are some pretty cool pics of the boys on that post. Anyway, most of you that have looked at this family blog have probably given up on it, but from here on out I will be adding posts as we go, so look for more good stuff from the Harmon family in the future. Cheers!